Allyship in Action: 10 Practices for Living Inclusively

Allyship in Action: 10 Practices for Living Inclusively
Allyship in Action: 10 Practices for Living Inclusively

Allyship in Action: 10 Practices for Living Inclusively

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Take Real Action as an Ally

Everyday people are looking for ways to actively become an ally. Allyship in Action will help you practice allyship in all spaces–personally and professionally–because there is no on and off switch for allies.

Julie Kratz, a leader in the DEI space, shares her personal journey while providing ten actionable skills to practice allyship in your everyday life. Each chapter ends with specific activities you can use right away with people you care about–friends, neighbors, your children and partners, family, team members, and more.

“We all benefit when we create systems that work for everyone. Julie Kratz provides tools for individuals to drive systemic change as allies.”
—Eve Rodsky, Author, Fair Play and Find Your Unicorn Space

“Not often do you find someone who can face their lived experience and empathize with other perspectives. Julie Kratz reveals her own truth eloquently so you can find yours too. Use this book to uncover the beauty in diversity and inclusion within your personal and professional life as well as take meaningful action.
—Ericka Young, Financial Coach and Author of NAKED AND UNASHAMED 10 Money Conversations Every Couple Must Have,

"There is no on or off switch for diversity. It has to happen at home and at work for it to work. Julie Kratz articulates an amazing case for why well-meaning, good-hearted people need to shift from being passive to being ACTIVE in the curation of inclusion and belonging. Julie provides straightforward, actionable steps for everyone to practice being the change they wish to see in the world.”
—Angel G. Henry, Author of Dents in the Ceiling: Tools Women and Allies Need to Breakthrough

"“If you're looking for the next step on your inclusion journey, here it is. The book provides concrete tools for allies to use at home and got me enthusiastic and motivated to make change!"
—Bernadette Smith, CEO Equality Institute and Bestselling Author of Inclusive 360:Proven Solutions for an Equitable Organization

“What does it mean to be an ally? Julie Kratz explains the key attributes of allyship and how to do it at work and at home.”
—Nathaniel A. Turner, JD, MALS, National Freelance Writer Education & Parenting Activist

“All of our voices matter in DEI. Julie Kratz helps people understand how they can use their voices as allies effectively.”
—Jennifer Brown, Founder and CEO, Jennifer Brown Consulting, Podcast Host of The Will to Change: Uncovering True Stories of Diversity and Inclusion, Author of Inclusion: Diversity, the New Workplace & the Will to Change; How to be an Inclusive Leader:Your Role in Creating Cultures of Belonging Where Everyone Can Thrive; and Beyond Diversity:
12 Non-Obvious Ways to Build a More Inclusive World

"To fully achieve equity in the workplace, we have to start at home. Julie Kratz explains key allyship actions and how to integrate these into our everyday lives at work and home.”
—W. Brad Johnson, PhD and David G. Smith, PhD, Authors of Good Guys: How Men Can Be Better Allies For Women In The Workplace

“To lead like an ally requires you to step up and do hard work. Allyship in Action provides you with the tools you need for success. This book will enable you to be an invaluable diversity, equity, and inclusion partner.“
—Dr. Lynn Schmidt, Women’s Rights Advocate and Speaker, Author ofAntisexist: Challenge Sexism, Champion Women's Rights, and Create Equality

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